Stone Goblin on Canvas

NOTE: Images are for illustration only. Colours may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. Also, please take a look at the Sizes & Cropping notes below for more information on how we size and crop artwork to suit.

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Stone Goblin

The Dutch have a tale where it is said, Goblins were so ugly, the powers that be forbade them from coming above ground during the day and if they did, they would be turned to stone.

The tale relates the story of how the people from a little town managed to trick hundreds of these troublesome creatures to remain out after the sunrise. The tale, The Goblins Turned To Stone, ends with: There, these stones, big and little, lie to this day. Among the buckwheat, and the potato blossoms of the summer, under the shadows and clouds, and whispering breezes of autumn, or covered with the snows of winter, they are seen on desolate heaths. Over some of them, oak trees, centuries old, have grown. Others are near, or among, the farmers' grain fields, or, not far from houses and barn-yards. The cows wander among them, knowing nothing of their past. And the goblins come no more.

How big is a goblin?

Well, that depends on who's telling the story. In some cultures they are only a few inches tall, while in others they are about thalf the size of a human. What most agree with though, these creatures are at best grotesque and mischievous. Many have them as downright evil.

The Stone Goblin is available on square canvases from 16 x 16 inches to 40 x 40 inches (40 x 40 cm to 100 x 100 cm).

About the canvases at

The manufacturers of of our canvases are simply amazing. Utilising fade-resistant UV protecting archival inks on a heavy weight waterproof canvas is just the start.

It's a great way for you to fill those empty wall spaces. In fact, our canvas prints start at a 16" x 12" piece to a massive 96" x 48". That's about 8 x 4 feet. That's a lot of wall covering!

Most of our customers prefer stretched canvases - canvases that are professionally gallery wrapped, mounted on quality 3-4 cm stretcher frames and are ready to hang, but we also provide 'unstretched' canvas prints. These are great if you intend having them framed or mounted in other ways to match your decor.

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Resizing and Cropping

The images and photographs used by Almady's are bound by the dimensions used by the creators of these images. The ratio of the width compared to the height of each image will vary with each creation.


In order to supply the varying sizes of canvas offered at Almady's, we often have to crop images accordingly. Because every image is different, this process is done manually to achieve the best results. The alternative is a lot of white space which is not aesthetically pleasing.


The following are examples of how cropped images may appear on canvas. You will notice with the widths and heights of the canvases, varying amounts of the original image will not be used in the finished product.


Original image

18 x 12 inch canvas

72 x 40 inch canvas

48 x 24 inch canvas

20 x 16 inch canvas

16 x 16 inch canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvases

The stretched canvases from Almady's are gallery wrapped. That is to say, the edges of the canvas block are continuations of the image on the face. For most of the artwork we use, this works very well and is the preferred method, but in certain circumstances, we may use the mirror technique.

Where we feel folding an edge to the side of a canvas may take away important details from the face, we mirror the edge. By doing this, not only do we ensure we do not lose important detail from the face of the canvas, but we also maintain the wrapped look.

The following is illustration of the mirror effect. As you can see in the original artwork, wrapping the canvas the conventional way would take the bottom part of the image away from the face. By mirroring this bottom edge, we are able to maintain the gallery wrap without loss.

Original image

Gallery wrapped using mirrored edge

Stretcher Bars

Generally we use 3 cm stretcher bars for our canvases. The important thing to note is the depth of the stretched canvas, which will be 3 cm, does not vary. That is, a 16 x 16 inch (40 x 40 cm) canvas will be 3 cm deep and so will a 40 x 40 inch (100 x 100 cm) canvas - or any other size stretched canvas.

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